Bob May

Bob May

You’ll share your hunt with Bob May, a seasoned guide with many years of experience (Guide License # 870), along with his staff of experienced assistants. They are all friendly hosts who are intimately familiar with the area’s rich flora and fauna – including the abundant sea life that includes whales, sea lions seals sea otters and others.

Hunting package includes:

Six nights at beautiful Ashana Point Lodge. You’ll be served delicious breakfasts and dinners as well as a field lunch. You’ll enjoy five full days of hunting and your trophies will be prepared for shipment. You’ll be transported to hunting areas and your party will be accompanied by at least one guide.

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bbirds_man_goodAlaska is home to America’s finest water fowling and Whale Pass Lodge is located in the midst of some of the state’s best sea and puddle duck wintering grounds. The Japanese Current makes winters here temperate, accounting for the large populations of waterfowl that spend autumn and winter in this part of Alaska. Collectors journey here for the area’s saltwater lagoons and harbors abundant populations of Barrow’s goldeneyes, three species of scorters, oldsquaws, buffleheads, and several other varieties of sea ducks. Puddle duck enthusiasts will also find mallards, pintails, widgeon and green winged teal on Kodiak. There is the possibility of taking several species in a single day.

100_0651Whale Island and its surrounding land masses including Kodiak, Raspberry and Afognak Islands are all home to the magnificent Sitka Blacktail deer – a unique subspecies of mule deer. The Sitka Blacktail provides both challenging hunting and excellent venison. A stalk for Blacktail will take you through magical rain forests which are also home to the world famous Kodiak brown bear.

We also feature Kodiak Brown Bear hunts available by drawing permit. Call us for more information.

Call us for more information.